Car rentals, or car hire, is an excellent way to take a vacation or simply travel around town. A car rental, as the name indicates, is a rental car, usually for a couple of days to a week, that you rent through a car hire company. Rather than driving your own vehicle, you instead lease a car from the car hire company, then drive it on your own. The company will pick up your vehicle and return it to you. It’s very convenient.

However, car rentals at can have their drawbacks. If you’re planning a long distance trip for instance, they can prove to be expensive and inconvenient. Many car hire companies charge extra for late or non-payment. If you plan on taking part in major new business travel during the holidays, then here are four of the best rental car companies to book with for holiday travel.

First, Enterprise, the head of the pack. For many clients, renting from Enterprise is the easiest way to travel: they know they can count on a friendly staff who can help them get everything together, from e.g. airport parking to e.g. airport shuttle services.

Next is Hertz, which offers several different car rentals with a typical quote of $110 per day. With a typical quote like this, many people find themselves paying more than ten dollars per day for a car rental. This is because Hertz includes taxes and surcharges; a significant amount of which tends to be left on the client. A typical quote for a one-week rental comes out at only eight dollars per day. Clearly, there isn’t much of a savings for the client here. Discover more facts about car rentals at

Lastly, Budget, the “cheap” car rental agencies at The problem with many budget car rental agencies is that they offer incredibly low prices. The problem with these types of agencies is that they often times inflate the price so that they appear to be offering great deals, but in fact are actually leaving a lot of money on the table. This leaves clients with the question: with such low prices, why should I rent from them? The answer to this lies in the quality of service offered by the agencies, not the cost.

Car rentals through major rental car companies such as Enterprise and Hertz have become a popular way for travelers to travel, especially during the flu season (which is now upon us). However, with all of the different options out there, how do you know which is right for you? There are some good general tips for finding the most affordable rental cars, including: